• Nicknames: Em, Rosie, Emmy, Emmie [Fiore]

  • Birthday-Sign: 1st of November/ Scorpio ♏︎

  • Wand: Black walnut wood with a dragon heartstring core, 9 ¾" and hard flexibility

  • House: Slytherin

  • Personality: Very ambitious, Persuasive, Smart, Hot-Headed, Competitive, INFJ

  • Blood Status: Half-Blood

  • Patronus: Nebelung Cat

  • Hobbies: Baking, Dancing, Singing, Cass...

  • Animagus: Arctic Fox

  • Signature Spell: Serpensortia

  • Favorite Potion: Amortentia

  • Favorite Class: Potions, Herbology or DADA

  • Least favorite Class: Astronomy

  • Beauxbatons House: Ombrelune "The end justifies the means"

Emily Rose Granger is the daughter of Evanora and John Granger. Evanora Granger actually came from a Pureblood family, Sacred Twenty-eight to be exact. She was the only girl, with many brothers which were all death eaters, and she escaped the lifestyle and was disowned by her family as she married a Muggle. She did not like the lifestyle and wanted to keep herself and her little family away from her past, so she never contacted her family again. When she realized that her daughter Emily was a witch, she told her the truth about an infamous ascendant. Salazar Slytherin meaning that Emily was a Parseltongue. But that wasn´t the only thing Emily had gotten from their dark family. She had some suppressed darkness, which revealed itself if she got a little too...distressed. This got Voldemort’s attention. He wanted her on their side of the battle. Her magical talents, her intelligence, and her darkness. He believed she could be one of the best death eaters if trained properly. And so was Emily tricked and forced into getting the dark mark. And her life was never the same after.


Height: 5 ft 1 / 154 cm
Skin Color: Tan/Olive
Hair Color: Dark Brown with caramel highlights, waves at the ends, mid-back length
Eye Color: Brown

I am 99% angel, but oh, that 1%…

Emily Rose Granger

◤◥◤ ◢◣◆◢◣◥◤◥

- We can always chat beside the RP.
- If you don't like how the RP is going, or you are bored, let me know. DO NOT GHOST.
- Please try to write as much as I do, at least try to keep the story going.
- I live in Europe so I am mostly asleep between 00.30-07.30 (CET)
- I can always play a 3rd character, just let me know if I should and it´s done.
- I don't do mature romance with minors.
- I don't have triggers. Just don´t try to suddenly rape my character?!
- Writing style: 3rd Person / try not to mix different tenses?
- I majorly stick to HP RPs, but if you have a great idea for other RP types I will try my best.

Emily Rose Granger
Emily Rose Granger

- Favorite Animal: Dog (I own a cat, don´t question it.)- Favorite TV shows: Friends, Supernatural, Lucifer, Brooklyn nine-nine, Family Guy (There is more...many many more.)- Favorite colour: Burgundy (Yes, a shame.)- Favorite food: Burgers or any pasta dish- Favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Honestly water, if I HAVE TO choose sth else; Iced-tea.- Favorite alcoholic beverage: Gin-Tonic in any form- I love playing PC games. Do not like controllers. Examples; Witcher 3, the entire Tomb Raider series, Vampyr, Life is Strange, Blair Witch...basically any game that has a good storyline.- When I eat Cilantro I taste perfume or soap (Yeah one of those weirdos)...and I taste fish when I eat/drink Matcha.- I played the piano and danced ballet for 6 years during my early teenage times.- I speak English, German, and Turkish fluently. Planning to learn 2 more languages, most likely Spanish and French.- I have 2 tattoos, definitely want a couple more.- Big Three (If anybody believes or cares): ☉ Scorpio, ☽ Aquarius, ⇈ Capricorn.

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